Clive owen dating history

Note: The file location will display the UNC path, however, the file can be saved to the RDP drive (usually R:\ or F:\).This link allows external pictures to be attached to the guest history master.The nine guest history comment fields (same as Comments 1 - 9 on the reservation details) can be customized to the property's needs.

Clive owen dating history

Use this feature to attach detailed information about the guest.The basic master information on all types of masters are similar.Each master type has different tabs available where appropriate.For example, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada could be assigned to a "SW - Southwest" region. Codes define the type of guest staying at your property, and can be used to analyze the market segments being targeted.A user definable field that describes the type of guest, such as Transient, F. This is the default group for this guest which is used on the next reservation made for this guest.

Clive owen dating history

The standard guest types in table CA are: Geographic code 1 or state, Table CB, designates a two-letter abbreviation for North American and Canadian states.Geographic code 2 can be used to group states into regions.Once a state is displayed in this field, use the up and down arrows to scroll through the list individually without using the mouse. Pfungstadt singles Enter the Zip Code using any 10 alphanumeric characters prior to the City and State fields for the system to automatically fill in those fields for the user.For example, if the file created was for the guest #1234 in the RDP01 directory, the file and location would be \RDP\RDP01\Master Docs\Guest\1234(the file extension will change based on the program it was created in).

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If more than document is needed for the master, enter the master number followed by 1, 2, 3, etc.

These same Comments 1 - 9 display on a reservation's Comment tab in addition to Comments 10 - 17 which are specific to the reservation (and not the guest history record).

Any free text entries pertaining to the selected master are displayed in this section.

Letters are allowed for Canadian and European addresses.

Select the country where the guest is located using the drop-down list.

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